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Principles of cooperation with the office of consulting and accounting

Accounting simple and clear

Below is a schedule of activities that together perform the office staff and clients for smooth implementation and operation of accounting services and payroll.

  1. Over the last working day in office by telephone contact with the customer, are set payroll data.
  2. Office settles employees' working time, prepares payroll reports, transfers RMUA T-4 Social Security, along with transfers for the above. payment.
  3. During the first five days, the client sends to the office of source documents (invoices) to our office.
  4. Od momentu odbioru dokumentów do 3 dni roboczych przed zamknięciem miesiąca czekamy na dodatkowe dokumenty (niedostarczone wcześniej) księgowe mogące mieć wpływ na wynik podatkowy.
  5. Since the receipt of documents up to 3 working days prior to the closing of the month we are waiting for additional documents (not before) accounting that may affect the outcome of the tax. Before signing the declaration of the client is informed of the amount of budgetary commitments.
  6. Office composed behalf of the client all the required statements and declarations, signing them on their own behalf on the basis of power of attorney.
  7. In the case of calls concerning, for example. Clarification of the submitted declarations and clearances in respect of their office documentation is standard on behalf of the client on the basis of power of attorney.

After signing the contract with our office customers limit their activities to a fair accounting documentation of business transactions: the issue of proof of sale (invoices, bills), and accepting purchase documents. These documents simply gather together and deliver to our office at agreed intervals or arrange telephone reception by our courier.

We prepare the appropriate tax records (Book Accounting, Book of revenues and expenditures, sales VAT register, the register of purchases VAT records of fixed assets, records of equipment), on the basis of the appropriate declarations, which are delivered to the Inland Revenue.

In case you need any clarification, we represent our clients the appropriate authorities.

One of the most important aspects of the accounting office is the ability to support any tax audits or tax. Accountants employed full-time in the company meets with an audit once every few years or less. Accountants accounting office support from a few to several inspections in the year, which makes it a lot better weapon effects of their work.

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